Dear Darlene

Darlene Antonino-Custodio‘s ascension to the highest post of Boom Town General Santos City is marked by unbridled excitement and high expectations.  Her youthful determination as Congress Representative makes her entry to local politics an exciting era of a new leadership.  In her inaugural speech, Mayor Darlene succinctly described her vision for our beloved Gensan: “Go global, Gensan.  We are ready for the world!”

Tough words from a petite lady-leader.  But we share with her fiery challenge and thus throw our support behind her leadership.  Nonetheless, we will  remain as her critical collaborators for a Global Gensan!

Thus we have created a venue to give unsolicited suggestions to our new mayor.  Dear Darlene is a FaceBook page dedicated to soliciting thoughtful suggestions for Mayor Darlene.  This is our way for the common General to share what they desire for their city.

Let us Help Darlene by sending your SUGGESTIONS to our new City Mayor.  Congratulations, Mayor Darlene and God bless!

Click this LINK to go to the Dear Darlene FaceBook page.

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  1. This is a very good idea. It’s timely also because we really need a feedback mechanism that would mirror the views and perspectives of constituent here. Great!

  2. Count me in! Magandang idea to para mapakinggan ang boses ng mga madlang people…

    Go Global Gensan!

    God bless our new City Mayor
    God bless Gensan!

  3. WE will work hard for it! It means.. collaboration between the people and the government…

    I love the Inaugural Speech of Mayor Darlene….Ganda ng plans niya for GENSAN…

    Sana maging 2 districts (legislative) na tayo to speed up the development of GENSAN…

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