Week #7 Contest Finale: Blog-Writing & Photo Contest

This is it!  This is our Contest Finale and this is Week #7 leading to GandaEverSoMuch.com’s 1st Blogversary celebration!  This contest is probably going to be the toughest ever.  Cliche will be out of the game.  Here are the contest mechanics:

  1. Participants should write about your best encounter/experience with the GandaEverSoMuch.com’s royal gandaness.  That’s me.
  2. Entry must have at least 100 words.
  3. The Blog entry must include a picture of the participant with me OR a picture depicting their best/unique experience with yours truly.
  4. FaceBook users can join by making a FaceBook Note but must also create a Photo Album entitled, “Me with GandaEverSoMuch.com’s Orman Manansala” with photos described in contest mechanic #2.
  5. Pictures to be used may be past pictures or recent ones or yet-to-be-taken (good luck in trying to get an appointment with me).  For as long as said pictures jibe with your blog entry then that would be acceptable.
  6. After writing your blog entry, post a COMMENT in this blog post containing the LINK TO YOUR ENTRY.
  7. I will choose the Winner(s) from among the submitted entries.
  8. All contest participants must be a subscriber of GandaEverSoMuch.com.
  9. Prizes at stake include a lifetime free web-hosting and free domain name registration; a number of free web-hosting and free domain name registration for one year; dinner for two from Grab-A-Crab, Harvey’s Ribs, Bee Stop, Shakey’s Pizza and Red Trellis.  Free food items are also up for grabs from Kakanin Atbp., Ma’am Bebs and GLEX.
  10. Winners are automatically invited to the Grand Blogversary Eyeball Party on August 7, 2010.  Venue and details to be announced soon.
  11. This contest will run up to August 3, 2010, Tuesday, 12:00 midnight.

Let’s have a blast on August 7, 2010!  Be among the select few to party with GandaEverSoMuch.com’s Blogversary Eyeball Party.  Sali na.  Now na.

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