Week #4 Photo Contest Give-Aways

Even my mini-pinscher Chad wants in

Could be because of the prizes for this week’s contest

So here they are, faithful readers, our fab give-aways…

Big thanks to Opera for these freebies

And lest I forget, thanks to fellow Sox Blogger Alexis Chua, Opera crew’s lead-man

All thirteen (13) qualifiers will each get two ballpens each

I so love this handy bottle opener

It also doubles as a key-chain

All qualifiers will get one of this

And here’s more – as an added freebie

We’re giving this perfumed lotion to all thirteen (13) winners

It’s so handy – it can fit in your pocket

The Top Three Best Picture-entries

Will be awarded an Opera tee-shirt each

The Grand Prize Winner for this week’s contest

Will be awarded this Smart Bro Broadband Kit

O, hindi ba bonggacious ever so much?!

For contest details and mechanics, click on this link.  Participants must be subscribers of GandaEverSoMuch.com to qualify.  Tell your friends about it.  Sali na.  Now na.

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