5 Jul 2010

UPDATED: Blogversary Week #4: The Photo Contest

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This is’s Blogversary Week #4 Contest!

After the heart-warming Blog Writing Contest last week,
We’ll shift to a different gear this time.
This week, the creative juices of my faithful readers will be put to test.
This is our PHOTO Contest.

Contest Mechanics:

  1. Participants must submit a photo of themselves with’s  FROG mascot and URL visible in the photo entry.  Click on this link for the copy of the image to use.   (See sample pictures above.)
  2. The most creative photo wins.  And when I say CREATIVE, I mean, CREATIVE.  So it’s all up to you, faithful readers, to give it your best shot. (See the not-so-creative pictures above.)
  3. Entries must be submitted via e-mail to [email protected] with subject “GESM Photo Contest.
  4. It should not be PUBLISHED or POSTED in any social networking platform until the announcement of winners.
  5. The picture of the FROG and GESM URL must NOT be photoshopped into a picture.
  6. All contest participants must be a subscriber of
  7. Each participant is allowed to submit ONE entry only.
  8. Thirteen winners will be chosen from among the photo entries.
  9. Three best pictures will be chosen from the thirteen (13) top entries.
  10. One grand prize will be chosen from the three best pictures.
  11. Deadline for submission is on July 11, 2010, 12:00 High Noon.

Fantabulous prizes are at stake for our Week #4 Photo Contest.  A separate blog post will announce what these prizes are.  So go ahead and shoot those creative pictures.  Take as many pictures as you like and CHOOSE your best shot. Choose well because once you have submitted your entry, you cannot anymore change it.  Sali na.  Now na.

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31 Responses to “UPDATED: Blogversary Week #4: The Photo Contest”

  1. nanardxz said:

    hala mao na ni.. nice nice ghapon. ^^

  2. Ayel said:

    Abtik kaau si Nanardz oh. Lalabas na naman dito kung gaao ka kengkoy ang mga tao. This is going to be fun.
    Ayel´s newest blog post post ..Gov Fuentes signs SoCot Environment Code that bans open pit mining

  3. Arlene said:

    hmmm esep esep muna si me ano gagawin ko. :)

    happy Monday, everyone!
    Arlene´s newest blog post post ..Manic Monday 210

  4. fahdingding said:

    To the next level na! BONGGA!

  5. Ryan said:

    so we need to print the frog first? parang props ba yung frog?
    Ryan´s newest blog post post ..It’s monday- Back to real world

  6. orman said:

    ryan — you’re right. ang importante eh nasa picture ang frog mascot and the url ng gandaeversomuch…

    creative… creative… esep-esep…
    orman´s newest blog post post ..Blogversary Week 4- The Photo Contest

  7. kayce said:

    wow! ang cute nito! sali na naman ako… i love taking pictures of myself and i love to have this froggy mascot on my photo too! hehehe
    kayce´s newest blog post post ..Camera Critters – Playful Calves

  8. sheng said:

    Challenging to ah… esep esep!
    sheng´s newest blog post post ..Me na Me- Agree

  9. Robstroy said:

    Pahirap ng pahirap na ang contest… May Grand Champion/Winner sa last! heheheh…
    Robstroy´s newest blog post post ..Dito ka na Kumukak- Ganda ka na… mas lalong Gaganda Ever So Much ka pa-

  10. iamSupermark said:

    waaah. sadya lge ni. hehe :D

  11. SaNaSaNz said:

    i want to cry blood na. hahahah
    SaNaSaNz´s newest blog post post ..I’m addicted to GandaEverSoMuch-

  12. orman said:

    @mareng sanasanz — i feel for you! hayzz kung pwede lang na camera ang papremyo ko dito sayo ko na agad ibibigay…hehehehe!
    orman´s newest blog post post ..Blogversary Week 4- The Photo Contest

  13. dimple said:

    interesting… creative juices go!
    dimple´s newest blog post post ..Greetings for GANDA EVER

  14. lito said:

    I never thought this could be the week #4 contest.anyway,its very challenging…

    join pa rin ako .kever….
    lito´s newest blog post post ..ganda ever so much-an influential blog

  15. orman said:

    @lito — ayaw jud pag-absent ter sa tanang contest! join ka ged!

  16. orman said:

    @Robstroy — ter, magpapatalo ka ba? am sure may plano ka na on how to do it… good luck!

  17. Ganda Ever So Much! » Blog Archive » Week #4 Photo Contest Give-Aways said:

    [...] contest details and mechanics, click on this link.  Participants must be subscribers of to qualify.  Tell your friends about [...]

  18. kyawkyaw said:

    pwede with photo manipulation??? makasali nga!!!

  19. kyawkyaw said:

    “5. The picture of the FROG and GESM URL must NOT be photoshopped into a picture.” << yan lang naman ang bawal di ba??? besides….. i'm not using Photoshop…. MS paint ako!!! hehehehehe… maka-subscribe na nga muna…

  20. orman said:

    @kyawkyaw — go for it! you just might win it!

  21. gilbertyaptan said:

    Ormz, I emailed you my entry na. :)
    gilbertyaptan´s newest blog post post ..Ganda Ever So Much- – Orman Manansalas Lethal Weapon

  22. orman said:

    Got it bert
    orman´s newest blog post post ..Week 4 Photo Contest Give-Aways

  23. upto6only said:

    just new here. saw your site from Sheng. like your contest pasali din. i’ve subscribed already :)
    upto6only´s newest blog post post ..Heal The World

  24. orman said:

    @upto6only — sali lang ng sali… meron pang three weekly contests to go… make sure you follow the rules/mechanics…

  25. nanardxz said:

    @ayel hahaha.. paabtikay man daw ni dere hehehe.. daghan na kaagad comments buh in 3hours time.. over hit na ang blog na to! ^^
    nanardxz´s newest blog post post ..Proudly South Cotabatenyo- Cyber Crew Dancers

  26. Diesel said:

    any new events???

    we better start making gensan proud!!! hehehe

  27. iamSupermark said:

    entry sent sir! (cross fingers) hehe:D

  28. orman said:

    @iamsupermark – got it!

  29. kayce said:

    I also sent my entry Kuya Orms..

    Good luck to me! hehehe
    kayce´s newest blog post post ..Girls Talk – I Love Me- Financially

  30. Airwin said:

    I just sent mine :)

  31. nanardxz said:

    entry sent.. ^^
    nanardxz´s newest blog post post ..Maria Labo

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