13 Jun 2010

UPDATED: I Had A Blast Of A Weekend

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I had a blast of a weekend  with good friends from Gensan and Davao

This was a belated birthday treat of Davao Bloggers Lyle Santos and Andrew dela Serna

The venue was the Abella Vacation House in Lorega, Bukidnon

Cousins Ria Jose and Joanna Abella were our gracious hostesses and, boy, did they pamper us

Brendel Balaga, Dulce Lada, Meiyah Laborte and Faust Principe completed the Davao gang

Kuya Avel Manansala, Donna Mae Congson, Mandi Nicolas and myself travelled all the way from Gensan

We had an early lunch at Yellow Fin Restaurant and feasted on our spring chicken meal

By the time that we were on our way to Lorega, the excitement was reaching its peak

And we were not disappointed

Food and drinks were overflowing

And the ambience was perfect for us to relax

It was a great chance to catch up with each other too

Dinner was about sea crabs, tuna belly and tuna sashimi

The board games that followed pumped the competitive nature in us

We had fun playing CRANIUM and THE BIG TABOO

It was about 12:00 midnight when we decided to get serious

This time, each of us shared our impressions about each other

It’s always heartwarming to hear positive comments from other people

In my heart, I felt a stronger connection with my friends

I slept soundly not minding the cold — I was happy

I woke up feeling refreshed

i wanted to take a bath but the water was so cold – ice-cold

I opted to just wash my face and change into fresh clothes

For breakfast, we had mushrooms and cheese omelet, daing na bangus, pork tocino & longganisa

The early risers already did their morning walk and exercise

Most of us were just lounging and recalling what happened the night before

We didn’t notice that it was already lunchtime and  it was time to eat

This time pork adobo and crispy fried chicken were prepared for us

All of us just kissed our diets goodbye today

Packing our bags was quick

The picture-taking took a little longer

It seemed like we didn’t want everything to end so soon

But it was time to go – back to our own realities

Now that I’m home alone, I couldn’t help but feel lonesome

But looking at the pictures now confirmed the fact that the friendships that I nourished today will be forever treasured

This thought is good enough reason for me to sleep soundly again, tonight…

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12 Responses to “UPDATED: I Had A Blast Of A Weekend”

  1. donna Mae said:

    i had a blast too… very heart warming talaga our sharing moments that night… mix EMO i laughed, i cried, i laughed again hehehehe para tayong nag recollection hehehe once in a while we do need these kind of moments to recharge our spiritual and emotional batteries :) love you all!!! :)
    donna Mae´s newest blog post post ..DfAT (Davao Food Appreciation Tour) DAY 3

  2. Lyle said:

    It is one of my funnest weekend too.

    Sayang lang kasi di natuloy ang plan natin na short movie and themed photoshoot.

    Nonetheless, it was a great trip. =)
    Lyle´s newest blog post post ..SoCCSKSarGen Summer Safari – Day 2 Highlights

  3. Ria Jose said:

    We all really needed it. :) Thank you for the weekend!

  4. Miah said:

    Thank you all for the wonderful weekend.. super nag enjoy talaga ako… :)

  5. orman said:

    Miah — enjoy ever kahit uber lamig at di ako naligo the next day dahil ice-cold talaga ang water! hahahaha! let’s do this more often…

  6. orman said:

    @Lyle — dapat pala two nights tayo… hehehehe at biglang nawindang ang abella cousins sa susunod na putahe! hahahahaha!

  7. Ria Jose said:

    Saya sana kung 2 nights pero dapat better planning and disiplina sa pag budget. Si Lyle nagwala sa pagbili ng junkfood. HAHA!

  8. Faust said:

    I had a great and wonderful time with you guys! It’s nice to know all of you better and clearer.

    Anyways, I really love the sushieges.. hehehehe…… ;)
    Faust´s newest blog post post ..NEO Unleashes Newest Line of Core i Laptops

  9. orman said:

    @Faust — winner talaga ang sushieges!!! hahahaha! na-miss na tuloy kita!

  10. orman said:

    @irving — thanks for visiting and COMMENTING! balik-balik unta ka pirmi! see you soon!

  11. orman said:

    @Ria Jose — hahahahaha! si lyle pala ang salarin… pero grabe din kadami ng food na dala nyo uy. as in, uber-uber talaga! kaya love ko ang avatar media kasi alam nyo ang kulo ng sikmura ng manansala sisters! hahahaha!

  12. fahdingding said:


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