12 Things To Celebrate About Being Single (Again!)

single-again-enlI just have to share this.  After posting this shout-out on my Facebook profile…  “I believe, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to move on. I, too, must accept that a love lost is lost forever. Single-blessedness, here I come.” One of my sweet lady-friends commented and shared these twelve things to celebrate about being single again.  My comments are in ITALICS.  Read on…

  1. You can go out with anybody anytime you want, with no one tailing behind you or telling you what time you should be home.  Wala nang magna-nag sayo.  Wala nang magrereklamo kumbakit di ka nagti-text.
  2. You can enjoy shopping as much as you want, without a goofy guy being bored to death and convincing you to buy items you do not want just so you’d go home and finish your stuff.  Now, your shopping time is all yours.  Less stress na and you can just make babad just window-shopping!
  3. You can watch tv all night without anyone meddling with the remote.  Hindi ka na rin mapipilitang manood sa Sports Channel.  And you can now cry all you want tuwing palabas ang fave teleserye mo!
  4. You can enjoy your ice cream and be free from your diet for once!  Unang-una, wala ka nang kaagaw sa ice cream.  Pangalawa, wala ka nang paki kung tumaba ka!
  5. You can take that martial arts lesson without anyone being insecure of you being more able to defend yourself!  Ay, winner!  Oo nga, I wanna do this para pag may nanakit uli sa puso ko, isang karate chop ang igaganti ko agad!
  6. You can have real peace, no arguments!  Amen.
  7. You can finally speak to mature people with your mental and emotional age.  Hindi ka na kailangang mag-adjust palagi para lang hindi mo ma-hurt ang syota mong uber-sensitive and feeling laging-out-of-place in the company of your friends!
  8. You don’t have to act dumb. Hahaha!  Guilty as charged!  Gagawin mo talaga lahat para sa mahal mo.
  9. You can wear that sexy dress and freely flaunt your beauty!  Hahahaha!  I wish!
  10. You can enjoy your friends’ company again.  This one’s something to look forward to.  Wala nang curfew.  Wala nang iisiping may naghihintay.  Wala nang magseselos!
  11. You can enjoy your teddy bear.  For me naman, magiging happy na lalo si Chad, my miniature pinscher!  Kanyang-kanya na ang buong oras ko.  Wala na syang kahati!
  12. You can enjoy the moment and stop worrying about the future and raising a family. Hahahaha… I still worry about my future but never about raising a family.

Isn’t it amazing?  Kahit tuma-tumbling tumbling pa rin ang puso ko, sige fine kakaririn ko ang pagiging single ulit.  Ang worry ko lang baka magkandarapa ang manliligaw ko neto… bwahahahaha!  How presumptuous!

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