Short Film Feature: The 12th Of June

Hello there, faithful reader!  My soul sister, Mica Rodriguez is competing at’s Online Movie Festival.  Mica has been a prolific short-film director and has created a hodge-podge of very interesting shorties.  This year, she is submitting her film ‘The 12th of June” to the competition.

Please help and support her by doing the following:
1. Register an account at  Believe you me, signing-up is easy and fast.
2. Watch ‘The 12th of June’. It is suggested that you let the film load  first before watching the 21 minute short film.
3. Vote for the film by clicking the button found below the video. That’s it!

Please do support my good friend Mica Rodriguez by spreading the word in your social networking accounts. Watch the film and drop a comment too.  Reviews are highly appreciated.  Spread the love and support Filipino films!  Here’s the trailer of “The 12th of June.” Enjoy…


Director: Mica Rodriguez

Producer: Mica Rodriguez and Jehzeel Laurente

Writer: Mica Rodriguez

Cast: Jade Lopez, Brian Ong, Shena Velasquez, AJ San Pedro, Jhelo Cruz, Jane Chua and Angel Agojo. With Jen Juan, Peter Juan, Winston Almendras, Ada Lajara, Edward Arevalo, Em-em Rosales and Mica Rodriguez

Language: English/Filipino

Subtitle Language: English

Country: Philippines

Short Synopsis: THE 12th of June tells the story of a home-based virtual assistant named Eloisa, who devotes most of her time handling administrative tasks assigned to her by her boss in America. Due to her dedication at work and career-driven principles, she ends up forgetting her personal goals. One day, she decides to take a one week leave from work in order for her to appreciate the ‘outside world’. On the 12th day of June, Eloisa experiences a turning point in her life. The film deals more on the life of young virtual assistants and taking risks in love. It also aims to raise awareness that such job exists in the Philippines.

Film Details: The 12th June is based on true events, except the ending. This is Jade Lopez’s First Short Film. It is the first short film to tackle about the lives of virtual assistants in the Philippines. All the cast members are bloggers from the Philippines.

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