Chad Meets His Children

Chad is a stud-for-hire but after several failed tries

I stopped offering his services to ladies-in-heat

I accepted the fact that he will never be a father, ever!

Until his original owner asked me three months ago to “borrow” him

During those times, Chad would come home, dead-tired

I just prodded him to continue trying

I never had an inkling that I would get that news

Chad’s partner delivered four healthy puppies

My jaw dropped literally and I couldn’t believe it!

Chad has come full-circle and is now a DAD!

The Dud is now a Dad!

Yesterday, I borrowed the puppies

I wanted Chad to meet his children

I first saw the puppies when they were a week-old

They were not a pretty sight, believe you me

So you could just imagine how pleasantly surprised I was

This time, they were so cute and cuddly

These are all my grandchildren!

As I was clicking away with my camera

Chad’s reaction was guarded

He smelled them, poked them with his nose

But he never got chummy with the puppies

One thing I noticed though was that he was like securing the perimeter

Chad was making sure that his children are safe

Somehow I felt a connection between Chad and the puppies

He sure was proud of his accomplishment

But I am an even prouder father

My son, Chad, has proven, to all and sundry, that he’s a real man

He wins this one, fair and square

I’m excited to get my share of the puppies

The rule of thumb is that I get to pick my choice

This one’s my choice

The only rose among the thorns

I hope I get her soon

Chad would like that too.

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