Little Dubai’s Big Treasures

After reading Dimple Odi’s Facebook shout-out yesterday

I had a sudden craving for kebab

I didn’t want to dine alone so I PLURKed about it

I still have an hour to spare so I waited for possible takers

Immediately fellow Sox Blogger Sheng Dumalay sent a text message

She also responded to my plurk call

That sealed the deal and off to Little Dubai we went

That’s Sheng, her hubby Ric, Peter Pilot and moi

Little Dubai is located at the SAFI Arcade just across KCC Mall of Gensan

The area is like New York’s Chinatown or any Chinatown for that matter

Here you see a smorgasbord of shops and stores in a Filipino setting

That, my faithful readers, is another peculiar story to tell

Owner & Chef Cherry Sizzles!

My good friend Dimples Odi had long wanted to run her own restaurant

Backed with a Culinary Arts degree, an ever-supportive partner and tons of LAKAS NG LOOB

Dimples went ahead and built Little Dubai from scratch

I must say that Little Dubai is a labor of love, sweat and tears

beef kebab

Their beef kebab is their staple menu offering

Now, it may look like our longganisa but this one has a mean bite

It has this mediterranean taste to it – not too strong – just enough

A swab of the red pepper and garlic sauces gives it an added zest

chicken kebab

Not to be outdone is their chicken kebab

Priced at 65 pesos, this one’s the most affordable of all kebab meals

The taste goes beyond the usual barbecued chicken

It has a tangy sweetness that will surely click with the kids

tuna kebab

Noteworthy  is the inclusion of tuna as a kebab meal

This for me is the winner in their menu

With fresh tuna readily available

Dimple created the juiciest and tastiest tuna kebab of all

If you’re on a no-rice diet like me

I suggest that you go for the pita bread wrap for your kebab

Now this one’s not for the faint-hearted

Manipulating your pita bread to wrap the kebab ingredients is one thing

Maneuvering it for a bite is another so good luck!

chicken biryani

That night I specially ordered for a non-kebab meal

Chicken Biryani is basically chicken cooked in curry

The elements of Indian/Pakistani cuisine is strong in this one

With the meat so tender and with such delicious yellow rice

You’ll definitely ask for a second serving and wave your no-rice diet good-bye

mark's flamed ice-cream with mint sauce

And when it’s time for dessert, Dimple had me try this one, ON THE HOUSE!

Mark’s flamed ice-cream with mint sauce is the biggest treasure of all

I thought that ice-cream and mint sauce don’t mix well

I immediately had a change of heart when I took my first taste

This one really rocks and a must-order!

So there you go!  I’ve shared their Biggest Treasures

Go try them out yourself…


LITTLE DUBAI KEBAB GRILLS Location:  #28 Safi Arcade, Bula Road, General Santos City, Philippines, 9500
Restaurant Hours:  Monday – Thursday:  11:00 am – 12:00 pm and Friday – Saturday:  11:00 am – 2:00 am

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