Crepe + Gelato = Crepelato

Crêpe (English pronunciation: /ˈkreɪp/French: [kʁɛp]Bretonkrampouezhenn) is a type of very thin pancake, usually made from wheat flour.

Gelato (Italian pronunciation: [dʒeˈlato]; plural: gelati) is Italy‘s regional variant of ice cream. As such, gelato is made with some of the same ingredients as most other frozen dairy dessertsMilkcream, various sugars, flavoring including fruit and nut purees are the main ingredients.

Crêpe + GelatoCREPELATO, a match made in culinary heaven.  98% fat-free, made from natural fruits in season, making it the perfect low fat alternative to ice cream.  Welcome to the newest dining experience in Davao City.  I had the chance to check it out last week together with my Blogger friends.  Although full from a superb dinner, anything about ice cream should never be missed.  Considering that this kind of ice cream is on the healthy side makes it all worth my while.  Located in front of the old Sampaguita Inn along Mayon Street, this quaint diner offers the best crepes and gelatos in town.  Pictured here are (from left to right) their must-haves:  Mango Float Crepe Gelato, Chocoholic Float Crepe Gelato and Berry Strawberry Float Crepe Gelato.  What I liked about CREPELATO is when you order, you’re given the chance to taste-test their gelato-offerings.  Now that’s giving the power of choice to the customer.  My only problem was that they are all temptingly delicious that I had a hard time deciding.  That night we only tried their gelatos served in crepe float.  I made a mental note:  Try their gelatos with Belgian Waffle cones or with Pastries served a la mode.

And hey, CREPELATO is not just about crepes and gelatos.  They also serve mouth-watering dishes that will definitely catch your fancy.  Check them out now.  You may contact them at 082-221-3128 or email them at [email protected]  For updates, check their Facebook page in this link.

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