A Whole New World


I am trying to get my blogging groove back.

This whole blogversary thing is keeping me too preoccupied for comfort

My loyal readers are crying out for blood

They too want me to bring back the humor in my blog

Unfortunately my brain is like porridge of late

There simply is nothing up there

Well, nothing FUNNY, that is

And to think I’m basically a happy person

Even when I’m emo I can find ways to laugh about it

I can even BLOG about it

But this time it’s different

And a close friend summed it all up for me


I argued that I went through that seven years ago

This bitch of a friend just said:

“Sometimes it comes back – with a bigger bang!”

That’s when I realized how potent emotions can be

And only the strong-willed can survived

Well, tough luck!

I’ve been playing hardball with my emotions for so long

I can’t even remember not feeling at all

In the past, I just moved on and survived

This time, it’s different

It’s a whole new world for me

I can’t even describe this mishmash of emotions deep inside

Although, there’s this urgency to fix things up

And yet there’s this gnawing sense of uncertainty that holds me back

It’s like being in a state of suspended animation

I don’t like this feeling anymore

I just want my groove back

I just want my smile back

I just want ME back

Is that too much to ask?

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