This-Is-Not-Just-For-Bloggers Contest

We blog.
We plurk.
We tweet.
We share.
We email.
We google.
We network.
So if you have been doing these things then this contest is for you.
This is Week #1 of the seven weekly contests leading to GandaEverSoMuch’s Blogsary on August 1, 2010.
Exciting and fab prizes are in store for everyone.
Join na. Now na.

Contest Mechanics:

  1. You must blog, tweet, plurk, post on FaceBook/Friendster and other Social Networking platforms  that GandaEverSoMuch is having a blogoversary soon and is giving away prizes. The status update must mention and contain a link to
  2. After making the update on your blog or profile, participants should comment on THIS blog post (Week #1 Contest) with a link to the blogpost, tweet, plurk, FaceBook, Friendster status update.  That way, we can verify for its authenticity.
  3. Winner(s) will be picked using
  4. And more importantly, participants must be subscribers of

Winners will be announced next week.  Tell your friends about this.  And by the way, big thanks to Lyle Santos for helping me out with the seven weekly contests.

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