My Ten-Seconds of Fame

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When Kuya Avel asked me to take part in making the political TV ad of Mayor Jun Acharon, I never had any inkling that it would be a role in front of the camera.  When I read the script, I discovered it was in bisaya.  Now, I understand the language very well but when I speak bisaya, it has a tagalog accent, if you catch my drift.  Meaning, it will sound bad.

Well, thank God for small favors.  My role is a none-speaking.  All I need to do was to look interested and respectable.  I can do that without batting an eyelash.  And so the filming of the 30-second TV ad happened.  I was sweating profusely — no, thanks to the scheduled brown-out.  After the mayor’s shots were filmed, it was our turn – SK Chair Jane Calunsag and me.  It only took two takes each for the both of us.  It was that easy.

When I finally saw the finished product I was smiling from ear to ear.  It was short, yes, but hey it’s my 10-seconds of fame.  And the whole thing came out really cool.  Thanks to Kuya Avel who conceptualized and directed this project.  Thanks also to Jan Catolico of Digital Detours Inc. for putting this all together and creating the best political ad in these parts.  Obviously, I’m voting for Engineer Pedro B. Acharon Jr. for Congressman.  You should too!

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