Shrek Forever After Delivers

I love Shrek – well, except Shrek The Third, which for me, was the lousiest of all.  So my expectations for this latest take on the highly successful franchise was subdued.  My wanting to watch it was more about the 3D thingy rather than the movie itself.  But when I finally saw the whole movie, the fell-good emotions brought about by Shrek I and II came rushing back in.  This final installment pays homage to great movie-making.

The plot revolves around Shrek’s “perfect” life.  He has good and loving wife, Fiona and three adorable little triplets for kids.  Add up his BFF Donkey and the irresistible Puss for friends.  Life seems so good until Shrek realizes that his reason for being an ogre has gone down the drain.  The once-feared ogre has been totally domesticated.  And he was getting tired of his routinary life.  Shrek finally loses his cool and spoils his triplets’ birthday party.

Enter Rumpelstiltskin who tricks Shrek into signing a contract that would bring him back to the day when people feared him.  Big mistake.  Shrek’s decision totally changed the landscape of his life.  This is where the movie really ups the ante for great story-telling.  The 3D effects wowed me.  The flying sequences were breath-taking.  The attention for details was all over the place.  Even Donkey’s unkempt hair looked very real.  And of course, music is the core of any Shrek movie.  I especially loved the sequence where Shrek was back to his old form as a feared ogre.  As people were running, “Top of The World” was playing in the background!

Shrek is also about friendship.  Remember that in this installment, Shrek became a stranger to Fiona, Donkey and Puss.  The scriptwriter did not disappoint.  I loved how they developed the “new” friendships of the the main characters.  It was not like it was shoved down our throats.  The storyline was just seamless.  Puss was purely comic relief.  I love him when he is fat!  I loved him more when he was panting for breath trying to catch up with Shrek.  And of course, there were the OTHER ogres.  I have not seen so many ogres in one movie.  And them dancing in unison while the Pied Piper hypnotizes was simply hilarious.

Over-all, I’d rank this franchise among my favorites – well saved for Shrek the Third, that is.  I watched it twice and still enjoyed it.  The fresh additions like the Witches and the Pied Piper were very engaging.  Gingerbread Man as gladiator was completely out of this world!  And of course, the kid who asked Shrek to:  “DO THE ROAR!” makes this an unforgettable movie.  Go check it out, yourself!  Robinson’s Moviewo®ld is the best venue to enjoy the film!  And that, my faithful readers is another story to tell.

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