Louie & Liaa’s Love Story

Louie was a former colleague during my iBank days

Last year, he asked me to be the emcee during his wedding

Without batting an eyelash, I said yes, pro-bono

All I required was for them to fill me in with the details of their Love Story

Louie and Liaa first met as Com-Sci sudents of Ateneo de Davao University

They hit it off immediately and became good friends

They discovered that they have many things in common

One thing led to another and soon they were dating

They both love music but not necessarily singing

Liaa dances, Louie appreciates

Whatever Liaa cooks, Louie eats

They love dogs, tech-stuff, movies and the beach

This couple is inseparable

Both their moms are named Linda

And their dads almost looked very similar

While Louie is the eldest, Liaa is the youngest

When Liaa’s dad passed on, Louie was by her side

Their love story spanned eight years

Like any couple, there were highs and lows

But through it all, they stood their ground

Believing that love conquers all

courtesy of louie and liaa

And when the right time came

Instead of kneeling before Liaa

Louie literally flew to her to propose marriage

Who can say no to that proposal?

Sometime in July 2010, Louie and Liaa will be one

Their love story will finally come full circle

I wish them the best in the years to come

Love indeed conquers all


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