Robinson’s MovieWo®ld’s Great Offerings

I have stopped going to the movies in Gensan

Movie-watching is supposedly a relaxing experience

Unfortunately it is the contrary here

The theaters here smell as if the cockroaches have taken over

The air-conditioning units blow more hot air than cold

The restrooms are a pitiful sight too

And the seats are awfully uncomfortable considering my girth and all

Then Robinson’s Place opened MovieWo®ld

Great Sights

Great Sounds

Great Seats

With these three great features, the Generals began noticing

Robinson’s MovieWo®ld has changed the habits of the moviegoing public

Now, watching a movie is less stressful

With carpeted floors and fresh-smelling theaters, it’s already worth the price

A visit to their restrooms is like entering a 5-star hotel’s comfort room

And the seats are awesome – ergonomically built for any size

On top of that their personnel are courteous too

I am totally hooked to Robinson’s MovieWo®ld!

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to experience their 3D cinema

It was an exhilarating experience for me

The 3D glasses was surprisingly sturdy yet lightweight

It didn’t cause me any vertigo moment and that was good

One can feel the excitement inside the theater

And when the lights dimmed, the crowd automatically hushed up

If the reactions of the the moviegoers were the gauge

Then this spells a major box-office hit for Robinson’s MovieWo®ld

There are more films of the 3D variety coming up

I can say that 3D has indeed arrived in Gensan

Have you had your 3D experience already?

We already did.

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