Eat, Meet, Chat & Chill @ Jose Rafael Fine Coffee

Jose Rafael Fine Coffee is the newest “baby” of power-couple Dennis & Edith Montecillo

They have settled in Sydney, Australia and built a life for their family there

But like many Filipinos abroad, they both dreamt of returning to their hometown

While drinking coffee in a coffee shop in Sydney

Dennis got enamored with the idea of entertaining friends in his very own cafe

Thus Jose Rafael Fine Coffee was born

The idea was to create a venue where habitues can Eat, Meet, Chat & Chill

I had my first-hand experience to do just that during the Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2010

We went to their second branch at the Petron Complex, Diversion Road

It was such a comfortable and cozy abode

Settling down in their chairs was like lounging on your own La-Z-Boy Sofa

With free Wifi service – what more can you ask for

Service, by the way, was excellent

I engaged one of the servers in a conversation

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that she can speak COFFEE

Meaning, she knows the stuff they were serving

We were served their Choco Chip Jaffle

A jaffle is an Australian term for a sealed toasted sandwich

This one’s a sure hit for anyone with a sweet tooth

The toast was crispy enough but the real thing was the filling

It was not too sweet but it sure gave a new meaning to grilled sandwiches

Expectedly there is a strong Australian influence in their menu

Their palabok is termed Oz Palabok

I shared mine with Faust and we both loved it

The pasta that they used was almost like it was angel’s hair pasta

The palabok mix was good and I loved their dash of fried garlic on it

I may not have tried their coffee that night

But at least I will have a reason to go back there

Thanks to Dennis and Edith for the invite

You made DFAT 2010 more difficult to forget

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