D.F.A.T. 2010 Blasts Off With A Bang

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D.F.A.T. 2010 which kicked off yesterday in Davao City

Was loaded with fun, food and friends

Although I didn’t arrived in time for the briefing

I was warmly welcomed by my favorite Davaoenos

Mam Beb’s was our host for the merienda cena

For starters we had palabok, mini-potato ensaymadas and siopao

Meeting the rest of Team DFAT 2010 was just great

It was like being friends with them for a long time

Since we had enough time to spare

The group decided to try the Zorb Ball Adventure

This one’s not for the faint-hearted

For me, the less-than-a-minute ride inside the zorb ball

Is the strangest ride anyone would ever want to try

That explains why I begged off

team dfat 2010 @ pablo's steaks

Next stop was our dinner host, Pablo’s Steaks

Chef Mike Sunglao made sure that we’ll leave their restaurant smiling

The continuous flow of food was mind-boggling

Service was superb, Paulo Sunglao made sure of that

And boy-of-boy, every bite of their new menu is pure heaven

I was grinning from ear-to-ear when we left

night cap @ jose rafael fine coffee

And when we thought we were going home

Our convoy proceeded to Jose Rafael Fine Coffee

A cup of coffee or tea won’t hurt

But I got myself a mean serving of raspberry milkshake

JRFC’s ambience is so assuringly comfortable

I made a mental note:  DATE NIGHT with Mister D!

What a way to end the day


Now, surprise me even more TODAY.

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