A Little Space Called Spazio Cafe

I’ve been wanting to blog about this

I’ve discovered this little space called SPAZIO CAFE

It’s located at side entrance of Gaisano Gensan‘s Department Store

It’s right across Jollibee so it’s easy to spot

With affordable and delectable food offerings

Spazio Cafe has built a solid retinue of loyal customers

Count me as their #1 loyalist

My favorite is their Humba Rice

For 75 pesos, you get a steaming hot serving of this meal

Plus a glass of iced tea on the side

The pork meat is very tender

This is cooked the Chinese way

Quite different from what humba should be

It leans more on the sweeter side

Which is just right by my alley

Another winner in Spazio’s menu is their Adobo Rice

This pork viand kicks ass because of its “asim”

This 75 peso-meal is more of the Pinoy version

So it steals the thunder from their humba sometimes

Their pork adobo is not for the young ONCE

But if they insist, take your BP medicines afterwards

A glass of iced tea will wash your worries away

And do try their coffee servings and pastries too

They have a lot to offer than just my favorites above

Rest assured, they are all priced affordably

And hey, Spazio Cafe is a Wifi Zone

Go find your own little space there

Now na!

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