My Very First Foam Party

Last night’s Foam Party at the East Asia Royale Hotel grounds was filled to the rafters.  I must be missing a lot because I was pleasantly surprised to see how these parties have evolved through the years.  It’s  more organized now and seeing new and beautiful faces in the crowd made my heart go pitter-patter.  Where the hell have I been hiding?  And what the hell was I thinking hiding all these years?  I made a mental note:  NEVER MISS A FOAM PARTY EVER AGAIN!

Good Buddies All: Mandi, Gilbert, Obet and Dondi

The organizers of the gig must have done their homework because there were a number of out-of-towners among the crowd – most of them from Davao City.  Onstage were Manila-based MYSTIX BAND, two Davao-based bands BIRDSEYE BAND and CHECK IT OUT BAND together with GenSan bands RENAISSANCE and TOOLBOX.  The obviously young party habitues were dancing to kingdom come while white (and thankfully clean-smelling) foam was continuously pouring on them.  Did I ever get the urge to join them?  Not in a bit.  I was already happy doing my prospecting.

MSUans all the way: Irene, Mercy, Edith and Pie

Everything was really cool until that brawl and scuffle.  They were promptly escorted out of the party grounds.  Bummer. Anyway, my friends and I just played it cool and enjoyed the night away.  We decided to stay indoors and drank like crazy inside Red Rocket Sports Bar.  Andami talagang tao. Taking a pee at the public restroom was like an obstacle course.  I saw a lot of good friends here and there but never got to the point of really cruising for a hot date.  I had fun.  My very first Foam Party is certainly not going to be the last.

Friends Galore: Marz, Mandi, Gilbert, Donna, Moi and Roxanne

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