Reconcilable Differences

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I knew something was coming. A storm was brewing between two of my closest friends. Girlie and Bobby (not their real names) is an odd couple. They started as friends and ended up getting married. Girlie is Bobby’s armor-all. She always takes up the cudgels for him – fighting his fights like no other. Bobby prefers staying quiet but getting things done his own way. Girlie has a machine-gun of a mouth but she can really be the sweet doting wife that Bobby can ever want. They were inseparable until she took in a permanent job. Without noticing it, they started to drift apart. They were suddenly doing things separately. It came to head last week when I met up with
Girlie who was fuming mad. I’ve never seen her like this. Last night, Bobby,
Girlie and I had a heart to heart talk. Each said their piece. I came to
realize how much these two people love and care for each other. Despite their stubbornness, they came to the conclusion that their differences are reconcilable. It was a sweet victory for cupid that night and I just knew their love will be stronger this time around.

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