Just Ask. Will Tell.

Gay people can really be a lonely bunch. Although tolerated, the stigma attached to being gay can be the source of many disputes. People can be callous and nasty. Through it all, I’ve kept my peace. Most of my gay friends would rather keep their relationships in the closets rather than flaunt it. Don’t ask and they won’t tell. Sad but true. My straight friends have accepted me for what I am. In fact, my (ex) partners have been so much a part of our intertwining lives that we don’t even discuss such peculiarity. It’s just the way it is. Like any relationship, there are highs and lows. There are quarrels, both petty and of great magnitude. The learnings abound – in fact, it’s continuing and never ending. I don’t talk about it but when I’m asked, I usually tell. It’s a pity some most of my gay friends prefer to stay in the dark and hide. What’s there to keep? You’ll always find skeletons in your closet. That’s more troublesome.

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