The Local Political Scene

The word on the streets is that the incumbent Mayor Jun Acharon and Representative Darlene Antonino-Custodio will give their challengers a beating come May 10.  Thanks to strong name recall and a sturdy party organization, both officials remain to be  the number one choice of the common voter.  Vice Mayor Flor Congson, on the other hand, remains confident that her zero-corruption campaign will give her the upper ground and make her win the mayoralty race.  Underdog Toton Acharon, the mayor’s younger brother, believes that it’s time to break away from the Antonino stronghold of Gensan politics.  Toton’s run painfully divided the Acharon clan.  This being so, people has also become more interested with the Vice Mayoralty race.  Conventional wisdom believes that Odjok Acharon will suffer the brunt of the anti-dynasty sentiment.  His closest opponent, the very eloquent Shirlyn Banas-Nograles has used this issue to the hilt but that doesn’t make her an easy winner.   The snowballing of support coming from different sectors to the Noynoy Aquino candidacy has given AIM Party the additional boost.    The big question is whether or not the blessing of the church will guarantee the candidates the votes.  Unfortunately, the religious vote by any standard has never been an indicator in elections past.  Well, I just hope we end up with the right leaders.  Abangan ang susunod na kabanata.

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