Pacquiao Battles Political Goliath

Manny Pacquiao will need every bit of goodwill he has earned for the many glorious moments in the ring.  He is running as Sarangani Representative against a formidable family.

Manny has weathered many storms in his life. Most of them made him a stronger person, inside and out. Some of his merry-making ways (and indiscretions) has not escaped the public eye but these escapades never really hurt him. He was clearly being tolerated by a grateful nation. Manny’s charisma cuts across all political affiliations. In fact, it cuts across everything. He has united the Filipinos where every President has failed. And he is still in his prime – at his top boxing form.

His intention to run AGAIN was no surprise at all.  His most ardent supporters could only shake their heads. Manny might have good intentions but good intentions are not enough. Wanting to improve the plight of his fellow Sarangans is noteworthy but it is going to be a rough ride for an inexperience political neophyte. But the Pacman is hell-bent on pursuing the course.  And for that alone, he has a fighting chance to become Congressman.

Clearly, this is Manny’s decision and nobody else’s.  It only proves that the Pacman is determined to win the second time around.  He has learned the mistakes of his first political salvo three years ago.  Surprisingly, the bandwagon effect is holding.  Sarangans are giving him a second-look and the undecided are slowly shifting gears.

If Manny plays his cards right, he just might swing the election to his favor.  If he does, then the Pacman magic is alive and well.  Good luck, Manny.

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