Bahala Na Si Batman

You are the…

apple of my eye
mango of my pie
palaman of my tinapay
keso of my monay
teeth of my suklay
fingers on my kamay
blood in my atay
bubbles of my laway
sala of my bahay
seeds of my palay
clothes in my ukay-ukay
calcium in my kalansay
calamansi on my siomai
inay of my tatay
knot on my tie
toyo on my kuchay
vitamins in my gulay
airplane of my Cathay
stars of my sky
hammer of my panday
sand of my Boracay
sultan of my Brunei
highlands of my Tagaytay
MOLE on my Ate Guy
baba of my Ai-Ai
voice of my Inday Garutay
spinach of my Popeye
sizzle when I fry
wind when I paypay
tungkod when I’m pilay
feeling when I’m high
shoulder when I cry
wings when I fly
prize when I vie
cure to my “ARAY!”
answer to my “WHY?”
foundation of my tulay
truth behind the lie
the life after I die…
In short, you’re the center of my buhay!
Labyu, fruitcake!

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