A Cove Named Amandari

Amandari is a Balinese word which means Peaceful Spirits

When they were offered to take over Dacera Farm Resort

Power Couple Ricky and Tess Almanzor thought long and hard

And when they finally decided to accept the offer

They knew that the once-popular resort needs a MAJOR make-over

They wanted to create an oasis of privacy and natural beauty

The old entrance had to go

An imposing yet inviting grand entrada will now beckon guests

Welcome to Amandari Cove, Gensan!

Cafe Amoree will set up shop here

You will surely get the same relaxing ambience

Great coffee, perfect pastas and mouth-watering cakes & pastries

Will make you fall in love again

Amandari Cove will see to that

The winding stairway leads to the second floor

Where two function rooms will allow habitues

To work and play at their own pace

Amandari Cove will be ready for everyone

And there’s the pond, mystic and romantic

Where lovers may wade

In mini-boats built for two

Amandari Cove will be about romance too

The existing six-room hostel was renovated

Ready for occupancy anytime, all the time

More changes will eventually be introduced

Where luxury and privacy will be top priority

Amandari Cove will be your oasis of perfect harmony

The Olympic-size pool will also be leveled-up

Open only for properly-attired swimmers

And swimming competitions too

This too will be a venue for beauty pageants in their sexy do

Amandari Cove will be about entertainment too

So say good-bye to Dacera Farm Resort

And look forward to a new experience

The Amandari Cove Experience

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