Harvey’s: The Best Ribs In Town

Armed with my Lumix camera

And a diet that has helped me lose 10 pounds todate

I was ready for anything last night

Malot Veneracion‘s invitation was simple: ” COME HUNGRY!”

How apt because my diet program is currently on vacation

Harvey’s is a no-nonsense restaurant

Whose aim is to please their customers’ palate

Their byline says it all


It may be old-fashion but is sure is the BEST-TASTING ribs by far

This one’s the real SARAP to the BONES

Their dips are amazing – all are products of  Malot’s experiment

Then there’s the Shrimps and Chicken barbeque combo

A perfect combination for an asthma attack

But it’s definitely worth my antihistamine meds later

Both were grilled to succulent perfection

Their spicy ribs is to die for

The meat was so tender I couldn’t believe they were not boiled

The secret according to Malot is in the preparation

And of course it helps to have the choice meat cuts

This one’s right on the dot – spice and all

It’s a great pulutan piece with really-really cold beer

Although am not a fan of burger steaks

I just have to try their two-piece serving

The burger patty is a Harvey original

Suffice to say, I became an instant convert

The secret most definitely was in the sauce

The gravy brought out the tastiness of the burger

And that sealed the deal for me

And finally, we were served the coup de grace

There’s nothing fancy about Harvey’s Tuna Kinilaw

Up until I noticed that their version has Itlog na Maalat in it

And that’s when you don’t stop picking on the kinilaw

By the time we finished our dinner

Malot introduced us to Bidot Calma, her ever-reliable partner

Bidot is a Davaoeno who has fallen in love with Gensan

Harvey’s is a testament of the couple’s love for food and everything about it

And that gives Harvey’s the edge over the rest

I highly recommend that you try Harvey’s soon


Harvey’s Menu

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