Of Exercising and Ex-Boyfriends


I woke up today feeling strange

Three days into my GM Diet Program

And I can already feel the positive changes

My hunger pangs are controllable now

Physically, I am getting better

My exercising routine has grown into me

The stationary bike has been a constant morning companion

Difficult as it may be I have to do it

I have to be physically fit for our July vacation

But more important, exercising has helped me get over being emo

I found a way to let off steam

I haven’t felt better in years

But how come I still feel strange

Then it occurred to me

Of late, I have been in constant touch with three of my best guys

Three ex-boyfriends have been a source of consolation

Helping me getting over a messy break-up

Cajoling me to move on and staying the course

Funny but it’s actually happening

In fact, there just might be a silver lining

Is love possible again?

Is the Pope catholic?

Of course, anything is possible.

Ex-BF “E” has lent physical presence

Ex-BF “I” is an emotional wind beneath my wings

Ex-BF “B” has brought back positive memories

I am vulnerable now

I fully understand the consequences

But it’s worth a try

Could love be sweeter the second time around?

We will see about that…

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