Facelifts and Breast Augmentations

courtesy of inimagine.com

Truth to tell, I couldn’t imagine myself going through plastic
 surgery. I always tell myself that I 
will enjoy my life and just age gracefully. I’ve heard of many horror stories about it and I’ve watched many
 episodes of NIP TUCK to even consider it. My threshold for pain is so miniscule that I can’t even stand a trip to
 the dentist. A face lift is not an 
ordinary operation. By its moniker
 alone, you can just imagine what the plastic surgeon does to “erase” those 
unwanted lines. Think slice, pull, sew
 and staple. Arrgghh! Hand me that pain
killer, quick! Now, breast augmentations  
are a different story. This time, you
 don’t subtract but you add. Depending on 
a woman’s built, you can insert up to 500cc of silicone implant per  
breast. It may sound simple but it’s 
not. This time, think slice, open,
insert and sew. The healing process is
 the worst part of it all. The first 
three days are critical because one can end up all black and blue and
 swollen. And I haven’t even mentioned
 about liposuction!  Enough said.

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