UPDATED: Gerald Anderson Celebrates 21!

Yes, Virginia!  I was there!

I didn’t gate-crash.  I was invited.

But boo-hoo, Gerald Anderson didn’t recognize me anymore

I met him when he was still a high school student

He just came from basketball game then

I never had an inkling that he’d be this popular

Back then, Gerald was a regular adolescent

He loved hip hop, basketball and his barkada

Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition has yet to come

Look how the boy has grown to become

Heart-throb.  Hot Hunk.

Gerald of the yesteryear’s is no more

He turned twenty-one last Saturday

He has yet to reach the peak of his career

But has remained to be a dutiful son and loving brother

And a true-blue loyal General from Gensan

What would a party for Gerald be without Kim Chiu?

Kim arrived quite glamorously late

She was resplendent in red

Ever smiling.  Ever pretty.

And she made Gerald shed a tear or two

Did I feel the connection between them?

Alas, no!  Not yet… Maybe in the future.

I felt that they’re there to protect each other

Not love.  Not just yet.

For now, protection is good enough

Remember Fred of the PBB Teen Edition?

He’s looked more mature but still a looker

I thought that he would make it big in showbusiness

Unfortunately, he’s no Coco Martin

He looked like a young Julio Diaz

And that isn’t good news

Even Nanay Dionisia was startstruck

She was every bit of a movie fan

Proud and happy to be with her idol

This time around, Gerald played the fan part too

He was obviously happy to be with the Philippines’ most popular mom!

Ever the gracious matinee idol

Gerald danced with a hodgepodge of lady guests

Most of them, am certain, Gerald met the first time

But he was game and just danced away

You’ve got to give it to the guy

He sure got class and breeding

And rightly so, Gerald thanked his mom, Vangie, for what he is today

There seem to be something brewing in the Anderson household

Both mother and younger brother were crying

While Gerald was speaking about family

Whatever it is, Gerald will make things be well again

He has indeed grown up

Fast but not necessarily Furious

Paseo del Sol did it again

It proved to all and sundry

That they’re the best party place for an intimate event

I’m even thinking of my 47th happening here

There’s just too many possibilities at the Paseo

That, my faithful readers, is another story to tell


And by the way, a million thanks to Apple Greatson

For the superb pictures used in this blog post

Sana ikaw din ang kodaker sa birthday ko…hehehehe!

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