Gensan Gazer Magazine Pays Tribute to 2010 Graduates

This week, the March issue of Gensan Gazer magazine will be out

The superlatives that the maiden issue received was heart-warming

For Publisher Mandi Nicolas, it was an adrenaline-rush

I had to reign on his parade and bring him back to earth

As a friend, I was happy for his good-fortune

But as a banker, I was concerned about the magazine’s bottom-line

After doing some quick calls to close FRIENDs of mine

The second issue of Gensan’s up and coming lifestyle magazine

Was on its way to the printing press

Gensan’s honest-to-goodness lifestyle magazine is good to go!

Gensan Gazer reviews

The problem about publications like this is sustainability

That’s spelled in one word:  ADVERTISERS

Considering that the Gensan Gazer is distributed for free

The main source of revenues is every single bit of advertising contract


Without this, we can kiss our future issues goodbye

So how can YOU, my loyal readers, HELP?

Here’s how:

1. Get a copy of Gensan Gazer Magazine

2. Read, re-read then share it with friends.

3. Talk about it.  Facebook it.  Twitter it.  Plurk it.

4. Feature it in your blogsite. Talk about it.

5. Convince your parents to ADVERTISE in it!

I’m not kidding.

We need your help, NOW!

In the meantime, here’s a copy of the March issue below…


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