My Charmed Ones

if i will have quintuplets for daughters, i would name them brendel, angel, chattee, ria and dulce. sadly, though possible, daughters i will never have. but sisters i have a-plenty. soul sisters, that is. blogging was our bridge. gensan’s tuna and kalilangan festivals finally sealed our friendship.  brendel is my gf.  angel is my friendship; chattee is my kapwa-“G” (for gorgeous), ria is my SNA (for Siya Na Ged!) while bespren dulce completes the quintuplets. I call them my charmed ones. but aren’t the charmed ones, witches? oh boy. i could just imagine some eyebrows raising and tongues wagging…what the heck, i love them to death. our peculiarities are so immense and yet we seem to bond like gel. one thing for sure, we all like guys! hahahahaha! for the short period that we’ve known each other, we’ve already been through a lot of things. and to think we’ve not even reached the apex of lady-bonding! during our individual rough moments…we stuck it out and stood our ground together. our friendship has its active and passive moments. but those times are proof-positive that we are here to stay – for each other.  i love my charmed ones.   i’d give my life for them.  i love you, girls.

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