I Was The Commencement Speaker!

Last week, GSC SPED Integrated School sent me an invite

They want me to be the Commencement Speaker of their High School Graduation

I had to reread the letter and check if it’s April Fools’ Day

It was signed by Principal Rizza Robin-Valdez

The invite was for real and it wasn’t April 1 yet

My next reaction was to panic

I mentally made a checklist of items to worry about

Schedule – check!

Barong Tagalog – check!


I immediately texted Kuya Avel who gladly committed to help me

What floored me when I entered KCC Convention Center yesterday

Was discovering my name in the stage back-drop

People were staring as I was guided to my seat

All of a sudden, I felt so small in such a huge venue

Despite the air-conditioner, I was sweating

But as the ceremonies progressed

I was beginning to relax and just being in the moment

Surprisingly the program was fast-paced

Speeches by the top three graduates were brief and touching

Distribution of the diplomas was smooth-sailing

And when it was my turn to deliver my speech

I just “glided” to the rostrum confidently

It was heartwarming to see the graduates listening intently

The audience was likewise attentive

As I was delivering my speech

A sign language interpreter was doing her stuff

I buckled on a few words but easily recovered

The audience seem to nod on highlighted parts of my speech

In the end, they all rose and applauded

I was in 7th heaven

I survived my first ever Commencement speech

What followed was an avalanche of picture-taking with the graduates

It was quite fun to be treated like royalty

Thank you Principal Rizza for the invite

Thank you Kuya Avel and Millet Kaindoy for helping with my speech

It was an experience I will never forget!

Here’s a downloadable copy of my Graduation Speech

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