Smart Text Voting for Lakan at Lakambini Activated

Smart Communications, a Minor Sponsor of Gensan’s Kalilangan Festival announced that the Polling service for the search for Lakan and Lakambini 2010 is now activated.

Keywords:                  LAKANK  and  LAKAMBINIK


To know the list of candidates, subscriber sends: KEYWORD<space>POLL to 9977

To vote, subscriber sends: KEYWORD<space>POLL<space>letter of choice to 9977

To know general information, subscriber sends: KEYWORD<space>HELP to 9977

Polling duration:  February 23 to 24, 2010, 4:00 pm (Cost: P2.50 per text)

For example, if you want to vote for Caroline Lim for Lakambini, simply text:

LAKAMBINIK C then send to 9977

If you want to vote for Jenel Labiana for Lakan, just text the following:

LAKANK I and send to 9977

Here are the Lakambini Candidates and their corresponding letter-code:

A.  Sarah Alvarez                 B. Regina Baybay                      C. Caroline Lim

D. Amilyn Lagnason               E. Marjorie David              F. Sarashvati Sarkar

G. Rhea Marie Ranara     H. Yenelyn Cabarijan             I. Maureen Paulo

J. Vienjil Fe Rosete           K. Liza Jane Genotivo

Here are the Lakan Candidates with their corresponding letter-codes:

A. John Michael Lanoy              B. Ryan Cabras          C. David James Barbero

D. Gevic Romero                  E. Jimmy Ortiz            F. Lenard Kim Bayabos

G. Mark John Viajedor       H. Mark Jerico Wong              I. Jenel Labiana

J. Ian Mark Gomez               K. James Jordan

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