Pinoy Big Brother on the Homestretch


Pinoy Big Brother Double Up Edition finally names its Big Five!

In the next seven days,

Your text votes will make or break your favorite’s chances

Of becoming this edition’s BIG WINNER

This unassuming lass from Gensan

Surprised the entire nation with her spunk and vitality

I couldn’t imagine Kuya’s house without Melai

She brought life to what could have been a moribund atmosphere

Melai’s “romance” with Jason made her even more popular

Her popularity cuts across all the segments in the society

For the times that she was nominated

She always topped the results

Will her magic make her the BIG WINNER?

Jason’s slow rise to fame was also unexpected

The probinsyano was the anti-thesis of anything good

Jason was a slow-poke, lazy and had bad hygiene

But he began to gain ground when he started loosening up

He was always quick to laugh at Melai’s antics

And the rest the say is history

Many have questioned his intentions for Melai

Whatever they are, Jason has indeed played his cards right

Of all the Big Five contenders

It is Johan that I don’t trust so much

For me, he is the most scheming

He stayed behind the scenes for so long

And he has been using the AWA factor to the hilt

He even expressed his love for Cathy in a very pathetic way

Johan knows how to play the game

And he has come this far because of it

With his good looks, win or lose, he will make it to showbusiness

Of all the remaining housemates

Paul Jake is the one who needs the monetary prize the least

He’s born to the family who owns International Pharmaceutical Inc.

But what I like about him is his being being honest

With Paul Jake, black is black and white is white

He was very competitive but always kept his cool

Now that’s breeding par excellence

Tibo is the dark horse of this bunch

I think nobody thought about him getting this far

By gulay, this CDO pride is such a kanto-boy

That you can only love him for what he is

He began endearing himself to everyone

When he started giving advices to the younger housemates

Then he earned the moniker TATAY TIBO

Will he be the BIG WINNER?

Your guess is as good as mine…

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