The Return of the Jedi: Ronald Velasquez Weaves His Magic

After long hiatus from no-nonsense photography

The Jedi finally returns

Ronald V. Velasquez, like it or not, started the whole photography craze

I remember him cajoling me to invite Bob Timonera to Gensan

Asking me to get Bob and his Manila friends to help shoot our Festivals

Ronald that time was just learning the ropes of taking great pictures

He eventually made great strides to become one of Gensan’s Best

But something happened along the way

The master somewhat lost his inspiration

I saw it myself but kept mum about it

With the Jedi in suspended animation

The playing field produced a number of aspiring photographers

Some overshadowing Ronald’s works

Most of them, though, remained as aspirants

Then something happened late last year

Ronald began taking GOOD pictures again

This time around, he was pitted against Gensan’s Best

One of his shots won in the Tuna Festival Photo Contest

Could it have been just a fluke?

Then he began taking more pictures and sharing them

I knew then that he is definitely back

I knew then what provided his inspiration

Ronald’s wife, Gaygay, is pregnant with their first

Praise the good Lord!

Ronald took the pool shots of the Lakan at Lakambini finalists

The Jedi has returned, indeed.

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