Feeling The Change

Ever since I started my exercise regimen last January 1

I have always wished that I didn’t have to go through it everyday

I am just being honest – Exercising is never fun

At my age, there are parts of my body that hates exercising

And I hate waking up early

I usually start my regimen at 6:30 in the morning

Without much prodding, I am fully awake at 6:00 am

I start with my warm up exercises

Basically I just do some stretching

I then drink three glasses of lukewarm water

That somehow helps me perspire more

The initial effort is painstakingly slow

But as you progressed it’s really just like riding a bike

Watching the local news on TV helps

It gets my mind off about thinking to quit

When I start sweating, my speed start to increase

That’s when I become really hooked to what I’m doing

Will I be Gensan’s Biggest Loser?

Well, for starters it’s no easy feat

But I have breach the 20-minute run

And I am liking every bit of it

I also felt the teeny weeny bit of change in me

My face is not as “swollen” as it used to be

I don’t feel bloated too

And the best thing is that I can fit in my old pair of pants now

Exercising is still not much fun

But hey, no pain – no gain!

Itutuloy ko na lang ito

I am now looking forward to hitting 25 minutes soon

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata!

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