Men Are Not What You Think They Are

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After the series of women-friendly tips, we are giving the guys a breather.  And so, my faithful readers, this blog post will give you a glimpse of men in a different light.  Many of you may disagree but really SOME men are capable of emotions too.  Read on…

  1. Some men like some quiet time too. Bawasan ang pagiging nagger or else magwo-walk out yan.
  2. Some men don’t know everything. Kaya huwag nyo silang pini-pressure sa kung anik-anik na bagay.
  3. Some men like to be pampered. Cook dinner for him.  Give him a good massage.
  4. Some men get embarrassed when you stare. Alam nila when you talk about their butts and they blush when women do that!
  5. Some men have poor memory. Role ng babae talaga na paalalahanan ang mga lalake ng special events.
  6. Some men love to eat cakes. Eh ano kung fave nila ang choco-moist cake?  It reminds them of their mom.
  7. Some men find it difficult to say “I love you.” It’s a major step for them so be patient.
  8. Some men don’t mind sharing the bill. Lalo na kung pareho kayong may trabaho.
  9. Some men are threatened by witty women. Mas gusto nila ang babaeng simple pero masayang kasama.
  10. And finally, most men cry too. They just do it in private.  At huwag mo nang ipagsabi.

May maidadagdag ka ba?  Mag-comment ka lang.  Now na.

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