Melai Pasok Na Sa Big Four!

After topping the QUOTABLE QUOTES game

Paul Jake, Melai and Tibo moved on to the crucial test


The trio were asked to stand on stools

Said stools were in the middle of the pool

At first, Kuya allowed them to stretch and sit

But as the game went on, their endurance was tested

Stretching and sitting were disallowed

Then they were made to stand on one foot

After over nine hours, Paul Jake gave up

Paul Jake announced that he was losing strength

After which he just jumped off his stool and into the pool

The other housemates showed their support all the way

Johan, Kath, Mariel and Jason were as tensed as the trio

They opted to set up camp at the pool area

Jason was the most affected being Melai’s coach

Jason was encouraging her to stay focused

And that must have worked and helped Melai

The task was getting even more challenging

Tibo and Melai were visibly tired and weary

After more than ten hours, Tibo threw in the towel

He sincerely announced:  “Para kay Melisa na ‘to, Kuya…”

And with that, Melai’s seat in the BIG FOUR is assured

Melai immediately broke down and cried

Victory was sweet and she survived it fair and square

Mariel was crying as she watched from the poolside

Melai’s victory is Jason’s victory too

This couple is a sure-fire box office hit when they leave the house

The next question now is…


Abangan ang mga susunod na kabanata…

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