Isla Jardin del Mar Beach Resort Opens

Kuya Avel and I were excited about attending the opening of Isla Jardin del Mar

Bloggers Ric & Sheng Dumalay, Arnel & Jinky Borela,

Gilbert Tan, Donna Mae Congson, Michelle Solon and Mandi Nicolas

Davao friends, Lyle Santos and Brendel Balaga joined us

The trip to Glan, Sarangani was uneventful

I slept for the duration of the trip

Eh siempre si Peter Pilot ang driver!

The new resort is located in Barangay Gumasa, Glan

Lampas ito ng Rosal Beach and White Haven Resort

Impressive ang concrete road network na ginawa

One will really get the notion that the Provincial Government mean business

Sarangani’s best shot to fame is its natural TOURISM destination

Supporting private sector initiative is the best way to go

Isla Jardin del Mar is latest project of Marfin and Rose Tan

Putting in millions of pesos to a resort of this magnitude is no joke

What was once a rugged terrain of coconut trees and wild grass

Is now transformed into a modern beach resort facility

It took years to develop the entirety of the Tan Property

Their daughter, Wanchin, attests that seeing it now is worth all the effort

So there we were, still struck by the awesome sight

Trying to blend with the multitude of guests

When the emcee announced that the two buffet tables were ready

Eh nasa tapat kami ng sashimi nook, di ba bongga!

We had our fill our the fresh yellow-fin tuna sashimi

The buffet line was so long that I thought it reached Malapatan Town

But surprisingly, when we lined up, there was still enough food to spare

Way to go, Wanchin, I take my hats off to you and your team

It was also a witty move to include a beach volleyball competition that day

It was a good way to while one’s time away

Although the attire of the players were quite distracting

The game in itself is engaging!

Isla Jardin del Mar just bagged this event for the Sarangani Bay Festival

Hands down, they have the best venue for a beach volleyball game

To totally enjoy Isla Jardin del Mar, one has to be adventurous

Our team navigated the resort from end to end

And as you go farther from the main area,

The sand becomes finer and the view is even more captivating

No wonder, Sarangani’s Tourism Czar Michelle Solon is smiling from ear to ear

There are enough possibilities in Isla Jardin del Mar

And we couldn’t wait to be back to explore it even more

Ganda Ever So Much rates Isla Jardin del Mar 4 out of 5 stars!

photo credits:  #1, #2 and #3 – Mandi Nicolas; #4 and #6 – Lyle Santos

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