71 Reasons Why You Should Experience Gensan

On February 27, 1939, General Paulino Santos led the first and largest batch of settlers organized under the National Land Settlement Administration to the shores of Sarangani Bay. The 62 pioneers, who mostly came from Luzon, industriously tilled Cotabato’s fertile expanse of land.

Seventy-one years later, Gensan stands tall and proud as one of the country’s progressive cities.  Gensan is a three time awardee for the “Most Competitive City” in the Philippines for the years 1999-2000 (all cities category) 2000-2001 (mid-sized category) and 2007 (mid-sized category).  Despite the many odds, Gensan has remained steadfast in its goal to improve the lives of its constituency.

In 2009, Gensan experience a boom of sorts.  Robinson’s Place was inaugurated and with it, a new lifestyle emerge.  Its al fresco restaurants started changing the landscape of Gensan’s night life.  People started trooping to its new party zone.  This development somehow triggered a construction boom in the city.  The Pacquiao commercial space investments brought back to life, once-dead areas.  And there are other tourism-related developments happening around us.

It must be because our time has finally arrived.  It’s time to experience our rich cultural heritage.  It’s time to experience and discover Gensan.

And while I am it, here are at least 71 reasons to experience Gensan:

(1)Manny Pacquiao’s Mansion, (2)Plaza Heneral Santos, (3)Tropicana-Maharlika-Rajah-Family-London Beach strip, (4)Osmena Boulevard Food & Entertainment Strip, (5)Olaer Spring Resort, (6)Gensan View Resort, (7)Tambler Hills Fossil Farm, (8)Gen. Paulino Santos Museum, (9)Fish Port Complex, (10)Ranchero Grill, (11)KCC Mall, (12) Gaisano Mall, (13) Robinson’s Place, (14)East Asia Royale Hotel & Arcade, (15)Buayan Mangrove Reserve, (16)Mirabueno Orchid Farm, (17)Lagao Barbekyuhan, (18)Queen Tuna Park, (19)Grab a Crab, (20) Piyesta Resto & KTV Bar, (21)Notre Dame of Dadiangas University, (22)Our Lady of Peace & Good Voyage Church, (23)Giacomino’s, (24)Espina Estate Forest Reserve, (25)Citra Mina, Pacific Seas and RDEX Tuna Outlets, (26)Kuya Chito’s Takuyaki, (27)Nopol Hills, (28)Maranao Tiangge, (29)Marasa Grill, (30)Bigby’s, (31)San Jose Bicycle Trail, (32)Tuna Canneries tour, (33)International Airport, (34)Big Ben’s, (35)Sarangani Bay Cruise, (36)Big Shot Badminton Court, (37)18-Hole Driving Range, (38) Dacera Spring Water Resort, (39)Makar Wharf, (40)Coffee Club 101, (41)J-Mix Bar, (42) Pablo’s Steaks, (43)Gusteau’s Crabs & Shrimps, (44)Red Trellis, (45)Sarangani Highlands, (46)Banas Baluan Resort, (47)Iglesia ni Kristo, (48)Cafe Amoree, (49)Blu Gre Cafe, (50)Le Jardin Arnevel’s, (51)Mix & Magic, (52)Flower Stands along Matalam Road, (53)McGregor Coffee Shop, (54)Mindanao State University, (55)Fruit Stands along Pendatun Avenue, (56)Pacman’s Sports Bar, (57)Mandarin Tea Garden, (58)Lagare Spring Resort, (59)Acharon Sports Complex, (60)Six-Blings Sports Bar, (61) Genee & Ice Crops Food Express, (62)Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, (63) Kurdapoy’s Restaurant, (64)Bilyaran sa South, (65)Chicken Hauz, (66)Tatay Pepe’s, (67)Crocodillo’s, (68)Cassado Billiards, (69)Nadie’s Chicken, (70)Popsie’s Diner, (71)Dunkin’ Donuts…

And a whole lot more…

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  1. wow!!! di ko akalian dami na din pala talagang improvement dito sa gensan… hehehehehe galing… MAGANDANG GENSAN talaga!!! thank you!!! 🙂 for including PIYESTA!!!

  2. hay nalang…pang 72. ZION TRAVEL AND TOURS panu cla makauwi at makapunta sa gensan kung wala silang plane and ferry tickets??kaw talaga koy..

  3. The GenSan City Mayor’s Office is also one good place to visit especially now that it has taken on a a new look after undergoing a major facelift.
    The lobby itself is the only one in Region 12 to offer free WI-FI courtesy of SMART BRO.
    Laban ka?

  4. thnx tito orms! yehey! kasali ang Kuya Chito’s Takuyaki!hehe! paganda ng paganda na tlga ang Gensan! like us tito!haha!

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