The Movie In My Mind: Julie & Julia

There I was, fighting boredom

Trying to appease myself from a vacation boo-boo

So with the new Acer X1161 Projector

And a wide-screen standee

I decided to watch Julie & Julia

I’m sure glad I did!

Julie & Julia is a very engaging movie.

Meryl Streep was a marvel as Julia Child.

Amy Adams was sympathetic as Julie Powell.

Even if they never had a scene together

You just felt that they were connected.

The movie is based on three books —

Julie Powell’s “Julie & Julia;”

Julia Child’s “My Life in France;”

And united by Julia Child’s bestseller

“Mastering the Art of French Cooking”

The film starts with the Child couple arriving in France in 1947

Paul Child was a diplomat and Julia had nothing to do

She tried everything from hand-crafting hats

To learning how to play bridge

Until finally she finds her groove by learning French cooking

The movie seamlessly jumps to New York circa 2006

It introduces us to Julie, a 30-something government employee

Dissatisfied with her career, Julie embarks on a mission

To cook all 536 recipes from Julia Child’s cookbook in 365 days

This she has to complete and blog about it

Both women share their love for  cooking, eating and sex!

Both women went through the ups and downs of life

And Director Nora Ephron successfully meshed it all together

Creating a beautiful movie about loving life and living it to the fullest

The movie also brings blogging to the mainstream

I don’t think Julie would have found success had she not blog about everything

Her faithful readers was instrumental to achieving her goal

I, too, started blogging and experienced my second wind

One blog post, everyday.

I haven’t stopped since August 1, 2009.

If Julie Powell was inspired by Julia Child’s steely determination

I am inspired by her devotion to achieving her goal

JULIE & JULIA is a must-see movie

Be inspired.

And learn to blog.

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