Sing For Healthy Fun

courtesy of donna mae congson

If you’re trying to protect your health with some stress-reducing tunes, tap your foot and sing along. Research shows that music has more immunity-boosting potential when people actively participate in it, rather than passively listen to it. In one study, people who kept the beat and sang along with a 30-minute music session had a greater increase in antibody concentrations compared to people who only listened to the music.  Last Saturday, I had a great time with Kuya Avel, Marz and Ernan as we sang our LUNGS out at Piyesta’s KTV room.  It was a both blast and a riot!  Keber nang sintunado basta kumanta talaga kaming lahat to our hearts’ content.   I encourage you, my faithful readers, to give it a try.  Nakaka-destress talaga!  It was like performing in your own concert.  Lalo na when you get a high score!  Kahit alam mong nambobola lang ang karaoke machine, getting a “98” was indeed heartwarming – o di ba, healthy nga?!  So, go sing ka na.  Now na!

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