I Still Prefer a Mac Book!

What could have been a drab Friday turned out to be a pleasant day for me

Ryan, a guy from Smart Communications, emerged with a package for me

He probably noticed how surprised I was so he blurted out

“It’s the usual January gift to all our Infinity subscribers…”

Probably Ryan was making up for not giving me a 13″ Mac Book a year ago

Yup, you read it right – I could have gotten an Apple Mac Book last year

You see, Infinity Plan 5000 for new subscribers has that kind of a promo

Unfortunately, Ryan was able to sway me to accept two Nokia phones instead

Boo-hoo!  Woe to me! But really those two cellphones were so neat that time!

So here I am, with these two gift items from Smart Infinity

And am still longing for my Mac Book to arrive

Ryan promised to check if he could do something about it

That’s like saying:  “See you in January 2011, sir!”

I’ll still indulge myself with my gifts, just the same

Thanks, Smart Infinity!

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