My Highs & Lows in 2009

Looking back in 2009, I had my share of hits and misses, my highs and lows.  Let me share to you, my faithful readers, a glimpse of my life in 2009.  And with this post, I am introducing Ganda Ever Monthly Contest.  Exciting Freebies will be given to monthly winners.

For this month, our contest is fairly simple.  If you’ve been part of my life vis-a-vis what I wrote here, do drop a comment.  The best five (5) commentators will earn a free tuna festival 2009 tee-shirt. Your comment shall mention which of my Highs and Lows have you become part of and in not less than 20 words, describe how this is so.  Watch out for more exciting Ganda Ever contests in the coming months!


  • Gained too much weight
  • Didn’t make the 2nd Quarter Goal Buster award
  • So-so engagement of the Kalilangan Festival
  • Passing away of Auntie Virgie & Uncle Jessie
  • Credit Card meltdown
  • Sold my ever-reliable Toyota Innova
  • Lost a few of my peers due to resignations
  • Wasn’t able to attend the Notre Dame Alumni Homecoming
  • Boycotted our High School Class Reunion
  • Health concerns:  high blood sugar; high blood pressure
  • Asthma attacks galore
  • Damaged my old Canon EOS 300d
  • Three of my branches didn’t hit their CASA quota
  • Almost lost my mini-pinscher and my son, Chad
  • Didn’t get to clean and organized my room
  • Broke off with Oliver 10 million times


  • Handled the Cebu Branches for 4 months
  • Hired the Branch Head for Cebu Mango
  • Organized Gensan’s 1st Kasalang Filipino Exhibits
  • Promoted to Vice-President in July
  • Improve my financial quotient
  • Uber-successful Tuna Festival
  • Awardee in the 1st and 3rd Quarter Goal Buster Awards
  • Started serious blogging in August 1
  • Joined MBS 3 in CDO
  • Bought my first American (brand) car, a Ford Everest
  • Expanded my network of friends thru blogging
  • Health high:  Normal cholesterol level
  • Two of my branches sashayed to quota heaven
  • Gave up a number of my unused clothes
  • Google Page Rank #3
  • Adsense Earnings since August 1:  $4.65
  • Bought a 2nd hand Olympus DLSR
  • Got myself a new Panasonic Lumix LX-3
  • Got back with Oliver 10 million times
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