Gibo Keeps Going and Going

courtesy of king del rosario

Gibo may not be faring well in the latest surveys

But you’ve gotta give it to the man whom GMA anointed

He’s working really hard to get to the consciousness of every Pinoy voter

He knew that it’s going to be a rough ride

But Gibo just keeps going (and going) like the Energizer Bunny

courtesy of king del rosario

I may not be a Gibo fan but he sure gets appealing day by day

His numbers may be single digits for now

But believe you me, he is getting there, slowly but surely

Despite his affinity to GMA, Gibo is his own man

His leadership skills is proven and tested

His grasp of issues is engaging

courtesy of king del rosario

The only questoin I have for Mr. Teodoro is this —

How do you solve a problem like Gloria?

He has not joined the bandwagon of GMA-bashers

He has remained the perfect gentleman

By not dissing his benefactor to kingdom come

And yet I know that he’s not gonna make it easy for her either

As I’ve said, he is his own man

He just needs to win the presidency

courtesy of king del rosario

I say, play your cards right, Gibo

If you overtake Erap by February

It could be because the masa voters see you as a better choice

If you outrun Villar by April

You would have caught the eye of the young voters

Then it’s gonna be a two-cornered fight

A duel with your cousin Noynoy will be more interesting

So play the game and play it well, Gibo

You just might be the underdog who eventually will win the race.

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