Name that Labrador Contest

Remember my post about Shadow Girl?  Well, my friend, Gay Carrillo has finally found herself a new pet pooch!  Now she needs our help in naming the black labrador.  This is actually a contest so give it a shot.   Gay allowed me to quote her post, verbatim, so here it is.  I’m suggesting the name Super Gee, the heroine character in the 70’s played by Nora Aunor whose outfit was actually black!  The “G” in Super Gee can also stand as initial of Gay!  Pwede ring Gorgeous and Ganda Ever So Much!  Suggest na kayo…now na! Here’s the full post of Gay’s shout out…

“I need your suggestions, guys. I just got for myself a black labrador retriever. She has no name yet. So she’s still referred to as “a dog with no name”.

“Can you suggest a name for her?

“This is a contest and all you need to do is suggest a name for her. Write your suggestions in the comments section below, don’t forget to include your contact details. I will browse through the comments for the names, though I can’t promise I will select from the entries. I just need ideas. All entries will be entered into a random drawing.

“The prize?

“A Team Pacquiao t-shirt, size and color of which will be the choice of the winner. This prize is valid only to entries with a Philippine address (anywhere there is JRS or LBC).

“For my international readers, don’t worry. If you are selected, I will send you the latest issue of local magazine of your choice (Entrepreneur, Foodie, Good Housekeeping, etc…).

“Contests close on Thursday, Dec 17 at 3pm (Manila time).”

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