Dinner Fiesta Sa Piyesta

After an enjoyable photo-journalism workshop at The Farm

Donna Mae Congson treated us to a surprise dinner at Piyesta KTV & Resto Bar

Although it was like binge-eating at the workshop

Piyesta’s food offerings were a delight to see

We simply couldn’t resist the delectable aroma in the air

First to be served was their version of corn soup with quail eggs

The cold weather brought about by the brief rainfall in Koronadal

Made us all devour our corn soup notwithstanding it being hot!

For appetizers, Donna waved her magic wand

Lo and behold, my favorite kura-sticks were right in front of me

Kura-sticks are actually green chili stuffed with ground meat

To hold them together, Piyesta used their homemade lumpia wrap

It’s not too spicy but it’s hot enough for the untrained palate

As if the kura-sticks were not enough appetizer

The waiters served Piyesta’s best-seller, their tuna kinilaw na chada

Jojie was in appetizer heaven!  Well, we all were!

Their kinilaw mixture is really one for the books…

I just miss the lemon slices straight from Cagayan de Oro!

Brown rice, steaming hot and ready to be eaten, came next

This is popularly known as dinorado and had to be “imported” from Davao

One cup-full of dinorado should be enough if you’re on a diet

But with the kind of food Piyesta is serving us, our diet immediately went on vacation!

As main course, the night’s surprise meal was this delicious spicy pork adobo

Even with just a few slices of the meat and generous servings of its sauce

A cup of rice will not be enough because it was so delectable.

I had to control myself as there were other viands yet to come.

And when the piece-de-resistance was finally served

Our mouths were agape and just got ready for more food

This duo of delicious viands is good for five persons

The sweet and sour pork balances the pinoy chopsuey

Making it a perfect combination for anybody

We ended dinner with bloated tummies

Happy to be fed by our beautiful friend Donna Mae

Our Davao guests, Jojie, Joyce and Bogs could only agree

It was the best dinner fiesta ever

Go try and experience your own fiesta at Piyesta

It’s definitely worth the visit!

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