Week of Surprises at Pinoy Big Brother

Veteran nominee Carol surprised PBB fanatics by topping last week’s text voting with a whopping 69.51%.  Not even Jason (the other half of Melason-fame) hit 50%.  A far distant were Rob and Yuri with Patria trailing at a dismal 7.40%.  Carol’s determination to climb the steep ramp during the UTAK Attack challenge and her clinging to dear life was probably the most vivid image on PBB history.  Methinks, that act alone earned her sympathy votes from viewers.

Patria got the shock of her life when she was asked to leave the Pinoy Big Brother house.  The Siquijor lass got a big hug from newbie Rocky which made leaving even more difficult for her.  Losing Patria at a time when House B was celebrating their victory over House A was anti-climactic.  But the viewers have spoken and it meant the end of Patria’s dream to become the big winnner of the Double Up Edition.

Just when everyone thought that the likable Rica is safe – surprise, surprise – she gets nominated not by her housemates but by the residents of House B.  This was part of the deal of Kuya to whoever wins last week’s challenge: The winning House gets to automatically nominate somebody from the other house.  It was an easy decision for the women of House B because they see Rica as a tough and skilled competitor.  The names of Paul Jake and Johann came up but in the end, it was a unanimous decision to nominate Rica.  Although visibly taken aback by the announcement, Rica accepted her fate graciously.

So for this week, Carol and Jason from House A, Patrick and Rob from House B joined Rica in the Nominees’ List.  Carol was still deemed the weakest link while Jason’s tamad antics did him in (again!).  Rob’s emotional outburst from the volleyball game will always be his Achilles’ Heel.  Despite leading his teammates to victory in last week’s challenge, they can’t seem to forget his pikon moment.  Patrick’s brooding (or is it bossy) mood was a big turn off for his housemates.  It didn’t help, of course, that Patrick’s the oldest in House B.

pbb house

As if Nomination Night was not enough, Kuya announces the BIG SWITCH – this week’s biggest surprise!  He told the ladies from both houses that they will move from their present house to the other.  This meant that Carol, Melai, Rica and Cathy will join the guys at House B while Yuri, Mariel, Sam and Kath will join Jason, Johann, Tibo and Paul Jake.  The big switch will therefore be a reunion of sorts for Rica and Rob and Carol and Hermes. This just made things maddeningly interesting for us fanatics of PBB Double Up.  This switch can run for two weeks or so — bad news for the love team of Jason and Melai.  Abangan ang susunod na kabanata.

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