The Power of Public Opinion hits Pinoy Big Brother

If everyone had their way, the housemates of both houses would stay together till the end.  But we’re not Kuya.  We’re not Big Brother.  And Big Brother will continue to bleed our heartstrings dry.  Kuya has already tagged us to kingdom come.  As PBB fanatics, we could only gnashed our teeth as every twist is introduced.  Every turn makes us yearn for more controversies.  Last week’s Ladies Big Switch brought out the best and the worst in the housemates.  And the whole Philippines was watching their every move.   The homophobic reactions of Patrick and Rocky towards Rica is going to cost them votes if ever they get nominated.  Mariel’s irritation towards Baby Dengue and Yuri’s bossy manner will definitely matter too.  The Power of Public Opinion is on hyper-drive.  Now more than ever, text voters hold the power as to who gets evicted or not.

Methinks, Fil-Austrian Rob Stumvoll knew it was coming.  He was evicted last night having garnered the least number of votes.  Rob has the likings of being in the Top 4.  Consider this:  His superb handling of their first task together with Rica earned him new fans right at the very start.  But after Kuya announced the end of their assignment, he distanced himself from Rica, totally ignoring the her.  His transfer to House B brought out the real Rob — a party-animal to a “T.”  Getting drunk with Mariel would have been tolerable but when he started shouting cuss words to Yuri, his popularity started going south.  The last straw was his pikon moment after House B lost the volleyball game.  I knew then that his days at the PBB house are numbered.

I’m not surprised that the nominees from House A topped the polls.  Rica garnered the highest number of votes at 38.55%.  Definitely, these are sympathy votes for her.  The ladies from House B see Rica as a major threat to them thus they chose to nominate her.  But Rica’s star started to shine brightly after they transferred to House B.  This time, the guys felt awkward around “her” and started dissing the poor Rica behind “her” back.  Didn’t they realize that the whole world was watching?

Oh well.  Anyway, Jason’s staying power continues to surprise everyone.  His love tryst with Melissa is definitely this edition’s main story.  Jason got 35.81% of the total text votes.  On the other hand, although earning only 15.11%, Carol is safe this time.  Her being in House A is saving her skin for now.  And what about Patrick?  I am betting that he is next of the eviction block.  He lost my vote after he (and Rocky) said a mouthful against Rica.  He lost many votes the night he did that.  His bank connections won’t help him the next time around.

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